Late Mr. Babulal A Chhabria


Door Bells Manufacturer and Supplier

We started our journey with 3 products & today we can boast of having the largest & most exhaustive design & range of High Quality Door Bells & Door Chimes in India. We can also develop Door Bell specially according to customers requirement. Our 20 years of professional experience has enabled us to manufacture an extensive assortment and be the prominent door bell exporters.

We have a huge manufacturing capacity spread over approximately 4500 sq. ft. All our pre & post manufacturing processes i.e. Moulding, Spray Painting, PCB Assembly, Hot Stamping, Final Assembly etc. are in-house in order to maintain optimum product quality. We strive hard to meet the expectations of clients in terms of quality and timely delivery as the premier door bell manufacturers.

We have a dedicated team of skilled workforce committed to ensuring your visitor with a warm welcome. We are also equipped with Endurance Testing machine, which helps us to keep a check on the durability of our products. Our door bells and door chimes go through various stringent quality checks at different stages of manufacturing, ensuring that our customers get nothing but the best.

We can undertake big orders with ease, ensuring timely deliveries. We are O.E. suppliers of Door Chimes to various top brands in the Indian Market. Continuous efforts in the field has gained us trust of customers not only in India, but around the world as the premium door bells suppliers.

The endeavor of our company in meeting highest standards of our customers has increased popularity worldwide and has enabled us to be the most trusted door bell exporters. Our goods are also exported to various countries i.e. Africa, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Russia & U.A.E. Among our various brands for the EXPORT MARKET are ARCHIES, BENELUX, GULF, NEKISA, NURSON & TAJ. We can also supply in your BRAND for Export Orders if quantities are large.

We follow the Japanese principle of KAIZEN which means "Making Good even Better"